Interested in becoming an Advisor with Luminary Services to expand your career in Aviation? Contributing to projects for major operators is a great way to develop skills, build relationships and earn valuable experience in the field.

Candidates should posses the following:

  • A passion for the aviation business

  • 3 years of working experience or a four year degree

  • Ability to take on projects on a part time basis through online platforms (up to four hours per week)

  • Basic understanding of aviation industry terms and business practices

  • Desire to develop own skills and keen level of self awareness

  • Legal right to work in country of origin

In order to be accepted as a Luminary Advisor, candidates must complete an application, basic industry knowledge test and be successful in an interview with Luminary Services.


Interested candidates should submit their letter for interest and resume to 

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Project Management
Innovation and Automation
Partner Network