Our process is simple, yet comprehensive. We consult and provide short term mid-level management project facilitation connecting talent through online project collaboration. A Luminary Consultant selects capable Advisors in our network based on desired skill to provide on demand support. 

In the following example, a ground handling company has expressed a need to find a more efficient way to schedule their staff and reduce unproductive hours. A Luminary consultant provides on site support as needed and leads a team through the project to deliver not only solutions, but perspective from progressive knowledge in the industry. 

Luminary Services selects Advisors through a thorough application and interview process and your proprietary information is protected by a non disclosure contract. 

Luminary Services is constantly expanding its repertoire of Advisors so you have the best industry knowledge available through our services. 

Luminary Services also develops future leaders in the industry through mentoring Advisors as they contribute to projects building a cycle of career induction, participation and growth. 


Luminary Services is modeled to support and consult in mid-level operational airport projects for Authorities, Airlines or Ground Handlers such as:

  • Terminal Moves

  • Staffing and Manpower Reviews

  • Automation of administrative processes 

  • Local employee engagement programs

  • Management training and development programs

  • Development of local policies and gap analysis

  • Regulatory compliance reviews and consultation in U.S. CFRs

  • Customer Service Standards and Service Audits

  • Change Management for business growth or new product roll outs

  • Interim support for leadership changes

  • Irregular operations planning

  • Interline baggage and ticketing 


Our pricing model is straight forward and tailored to your needs. We offer fixed price based on project performance and deliverables or hourly rates for small ongoing projects/ administrative support.