Project Management
Audits and Metrics

Airports, carriers and ground handlers are under constant change and often struggle with a fixed level of management resources. Luminary Services provides short term Project Management to meet the needs of airport operators in a fast paced evolving environment with its network of Advisors. See more about our Project Management Here.  

We connect industry leaders from Airline Guest Services, Ground Handling, Fueling, Cargo and Regulatory Compliance to help navigate growth and change.

Airport and airline operators are subject to significant regulatory obligations and ongoing audits are required of any industry SMS program. Companies experience significant cost in deploying resources to foreign airports to inspect their national standards coupled with relevant U.S. regulations. Luminary Services Advisors can perform a number of inspections including regulatory audits that come with reduced cost and an astute understanding of the local political and operational landscape. This enables our customers not only to receive objective audit results, but most importantly a true perspective on quality. 

Professional Development

The aviation business faces an incredibly unique challenge with fewer leaders developing in the field. A fundamental part of Luminary Services is to invest in the future of the airport industry through inspiring the next generation of leaders. Luminary Services provides career advice, referrals and education to professionals with an interest in advancing their career in airports and aviation. 


Innovation and Automation
Innovation and Automation
Partner Network

Modern organizations are forced to innovate through technology in order to realize efficiency that enables a competitive edge. We find opportunities to automate internal and customer processes, eliminating redundancy and driving down cost. From going paperless to complete software integration, Luminary Services provides advice to businesses in a rapidly changing technology based economy. 

Luminary Services believes in quality and honest business. If we cannot be a valuable resource in your project we can refer you to a number of partner consultants in various parts of the industry.